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Quixotic, Changing stars & Chasing windmills C.1983
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A farmer embraces his dog in his stonewalled field on Inishmore Island in Ireland, March 1971.Photograph by Winfield Parks, National Geographic Creative

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Hey hey heeeeeeey! I’m sorry for whatever happens

Opening Credits: 
Metropolis, by Owl City that’s kinda cool
Waking Up: Sleepsong, by Bastille well this fell apart faster than expected
First Day At School: The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It One A Dime), by Cobra Starship oh god my alternative emo rock dance pop phase is coming back to haunt YOU I’m so sorry 

Falling In Love: Home, by Philip Philips okay whatever
Date Song: Do It With a Rockstar, by Amanda Palmer FUCK YEAH
Breaking Up: Someone Told Me, by Jake Bugg this one works and it’s sad
Life’s OK: The Bakery, by Arctic Monkeys sure why not
Getting Back Together: This Is How We Live, by the Summer Set close enough
Dark Blue, by Jack’s Mannequin this is trash I’m trash I’m so sorry
Birth of Child:
 All I Need, by Awolnation 
Final Battle:
 Nevermind, bu Foster the People 
Death Scene: You Are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son, by Wolf Parade

Funeral Song: Black Eye, by Steel Train 
it sounds a little too chipper tbh but okay
End Credits: Something I Need, by OneRepublic

myquixoticlife God this is awful I’m so sorry you deserved so much better 

Personally, I think it’s not that bad.

Amanda Palmer makes up for everything!

"Only 10 baht."

I blinked at the tuk-tuk driver in disbelief. What’s the catch? He was pointing out in my map of Bangkok how far away I am from my destination - 8 kilometers away to be exact, and he is telling me that it will only cost me 10 baht.

I told myself to just accept it. Maybe transportation in Thailand is really not as expensive as it is in Manila. It is, after all, the melting pot of backpackers and tourism in Southeast Asia. Minutes later, the driver made an unscheduled detour and deposit me in a tourist guide office. Later on that week I learned that most tuk-tuk drivers get commission or “bonuses” from shops if they bring passengers by on the way to their real destinations.

The office was rundown and - dare I say it - dodgy. I made no promises to Mr. Tuk-tuk Driver that I will buy anything, but here is the owner, smooth-talking me, all hippie and world traveler looking with his pony tail and deep tan. He was showing me different trips I could take and a voice inside my head tells me to be spontaneous, just take it.

But it’s out of your planned budget, practical me whispers inside my head.

Then no dinner today and tomorrow, you can stand to lose a pound or two, adventurous me retorts. Besides, isn’t this what travelling is for? Meeting the unexpected, jumping out of your comfort zone and embracing what the world throws at you? My adventurous persona is at her most convincing.

Yes, this is why I am here, all by myself, in a country where I know no one and no one knows me… to let the world and all its surprises envelope me, and see if I have what it takes to survive on my own. And right now the world is telling me to go to Ayutthaya.

What the hell is Ayutthaya? Where the hell is Ayutthaya? My practical side is whining. I know Bangkok. I know Chiang Mai. I know Phuket. Ayutthaya I’ve never heard of before.

Before any more arguments (inside my head) could take place, I took out my credit card and told the man to charge it.

Ayutthaya is an ancient city and famous for its ruins that boast of its splendor during the time when it was still the capital of the kingdom of Siam. I soon learned that it was 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Bangkok, as I had to spend each minute awkwardly trading smiles with the 3 couples I shared the van ride with.

They stare at me like I am a weird creature, travelling on my lonesome. I find them equally strange. Ancient ruins are not romantic travel destinations. They are fit for lonely wanderers on the road for self-discovery - like me!

Our first stop is the mossy, rooster-filled but glorious Wat Phu Kao Thong.

I marvel at the architecture but am glad that I am alone. Had I brought friends or family with me, they’d surely be dying of boredom while I marvel at turrets and ruins. I climb the steps slowly, for I don’t know if I’ll ever see or climb those steps again. Inside, at the top of the ziggurat-like structure is a small prayer room. I kneel and bow, kneel and bow, as I have seen others do before me. I could not explain why, it was not peer pressure or novelty, but the atmosphere in that temple exuded reverence and the only way I could show respect to Ayutthaya, to this ancient temple, ancient land, ancient culture, is to do as many others have done hundreds of years before me.

As my forehead touched the floor, I wonder if this is it. Is this what you are looking for? Is this what is missing in the life you left behind? Is it serenity? Or surrender? I don’t know yet what I am really looking for. All I know is, getting lost is the only way to find it.

I stepped out of the prayer room and tried to look up, at the highest point of temple. The sun hindered me from seeing the very top. I squint harder and lean my head a bit farther up. I almost lose my balance and scolded myself, do you want to go rolling down hundreds of ancient steps to your death?

In a moment of clarity that mostly occurs to me when I am alone, quiet and in the middle of travel, I realize how temples, churches, places of worship, whether ancient or modern, all seem to be pointing up, reaching up, to the sky. The places we built are so imbued with that thing inside us humans, that longing to find that which we lost and are still trying to find; in ruins, in foreign lands, in adventures and experiences. My thoughts go to those who have found it (they must be the men who were immortalized in the serene statues among the ruins), and those, like me, who are still searching.




God yes

So weird to remember that time the Olsen twins put on their ceremonial robes and took the ferry to Valinor. 

Hahahaha! Well played, joekeatinge!

My past advetures seek to be outdone:

"What do you look forward to?" a friend asked of me.

"Finding out how little I know of this world and filling the blanks in the maps in my head."



District Heroes.

Panem today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem forever.

I can’t even fucking handle these. holy shit

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"Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience- or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope." - Jane Austen 

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so in kingdom come zatanna and constantine had a kid who was zachary zatara (dc later adopted him as zatanna’s cousin… which is a little weird). anyway if zack hasn’t show up in new 52 yet

i think these two are gonna make a zack 

(but seriously the kingdom come story was sad. zatanna died and her son, zack, was the only one who could see her because he got his dad’s ghost-seeing abilities. they say in the novel that the huge explosion at the end only killed him, because seeing all the ghosts appearing at once made him freeze in place with terror.)

(also i think in some universe he hooks up with avia/little barda? which is scott and barda’s kid if you follow kingdom come. so that’s fucking adorable ok)

Here’s hoping we see Zatanna in NBC’s Constantine.

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Day 7: Favorite Comic Couple
Zatanna & Constantine


Day 7: Favorite Comic Couple

Zatanna & Constantine