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Quixotic, Changing stars & Chasing windmills C.1983


"Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience- or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope." - Jane Austen 

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so in kingdom come zatanna and constantine had a kid who was zachary zatara (dc later adopted him as zatanna’s cousin… which is a little weird). anyway if zack hasn’t show up in new 52 yet

i think these two are gonna make a zack 

(but seriously the kingdom come story was sad. zatanna died and her son, zack, was the only one who could see her because he got his dad’s ghost-seeing abilities. they say in the novel that the huge explosion at the end only killed him, because seeing all the ghosts appearing at once made him freeze in place with terror.)

(also i think in some universe he hooks up with avia/little barda? which is scott and barda’s kid if you follow kingdom come. so that’s fucking adorable ok)

Here’s hoping we see Zatanna in NBC’s Constantine.

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John Constantine 
                             aka “Hellblazer” 

Is it fall yet?


this comic is everything I’ve ever wanted

Umm, yeah. I always thought his not knowing would have made him an incompetent detective, which he is not.

I mean, wouldn’t you know your own daughter’s eyes or jawline for crying out loud?!

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I’m the one who steps from the shadows, all trenchcoat and cigarette and arrogance, ready to deal with the madness. [x]

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Fashion Olympics, 2008

So I’ve seen several of the photos from this shoot wandering around tumblr, but it never said what they were from, so I figured I’d put them all together with a link. Because more Lucy Liu is always a good thing?

Also I will never get over how much I love her face in that boxing one.

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Today we got the 140 kids in the district from 4 different public schools for our summer program. In the jeep to the site, I asked them if they knew what a summer camp was and they all shook their head, no. It made me sad, thinking how so many kids their age from privileged families get to enjoy dance or soccer or basketball camp each year and they don’t even know what summer camp is.

I told them we would sing and dance and do drama and art. They all looked excited but shy. Some of the kids in the list didn’t show up because, according to their classmates, they had to stay home and take care of their baby siblings while their parents are at work. They’re in Grade 1. Seriously.

Then the Australian volunteers arrived and I saw them get even more shy because of the English-speaking and the language barrier. So I asked them, ‘You guys know Captain America?’ Then I pointed at this big, tall, blond muscly volunteer from Australia and their eyes literally lit up.

'[But why is he wearing a t-shirt? Where is his uniform?],' one of the little girls asked me in Tagalog.

'[Where is your uniform? It's summer. He doesn't wear his uniform like you],' I instantly replied.

To make a long story short, it was an incredibly fun, fruitful day for them. And they all promised to return tomorrow. 

And they still think that dude is Captain America.